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ʿalī B. Abī Ṭāleb: A Reading in His Biography During The Secret And Public Daʿwah for Islam in the Light of the Shīʿite and Historical Sources (Published)

This study observes the character of ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭāleb during the Meccan historical period, which lasted for thirteen years and can be divided into two stages: the stage of the secret Daʿwah, which lasted for three years, and the public stage, which lasted for ten years. The Shīʿites exploited in their sources all the details and information about that important historical period in Islam. These are very few details but the Shīʿites tried to magnify Ali’s role in them in order to raise his rank and confirm his important role in that period. It appears that their sources made use of certain historical gaps that were mentioned by the historical Islamic sources that are also adopted by the Sunnis. They subjugated them and exploited them in the formation of Ali’s character and his role during that early stage in his life.

Keywords: Public Daʿwah for Islam in Mecca, Secret Daʿwah for Islam in Mecca, Sunnis, The Shīʿites, ʿAlī B. Abī Ṭāleb