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Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Application of Tpack in in-Service Education Teaching Practices (Published)

This study examines how TPACK-oriented teaching practice course benefits Indonesian EFL teachers in improving the quality of their EFL instructional designs and teaching practices. It involved 20 secondary school teachers from various areas in the province of East Java. They were taking the Teaching Practice course as part of their education for a master’s degree in ELT at Universitas Negeri Malang, one of the leading universities in Indonesia. The teachers attended 16-session course in which they were introduced to TPACK framework and were assigned to make instructional designs based on TPACK framework. Moreover, they were asked to teach their colleagues (peer teachers) by using the TPACK-oriented instructional designs. At the end of the course the teachers were given a questionnaire asking the benefit of the TPACK-oriented teaching practice course in improving the quality of their EFL instructional designs and their EFL teaching practices. The result of the study showed that the teachers benefited a lot from the TPACK-oriented teaching practice course and they have successfully prepared instructional designs and performed the teaching practices by applying TPACK framework.

Keywords: Instructional Design, Secondary School Teachers’, TPACK Famework, Teaching Practice Course


The focus of this study was on secondary school teachers’ perception on some determinants of students’performance in Social studies. Three research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated by the researchers that guided the study. The design of this study was descriptive survey research design aimed at eliciting information from the respondents on factors that determine students performance in secondary schools and the population of the study comprised 115 secondary school teachers teach Social studies in Abakaliki education zone. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire and data were analzed using mean and standard deviation for all reseach questions and t-test statistical tool was used for testing the null hypotheses. The findings of the study revealed that government related factors, teachers’ related factors and students’ factors are some determinants of students’ performance in Social studies. The researchers reommended based on the findings that only competent and qualified Social studies teachers should be employ to teach the subject in secondary schools

Keywords: Perception, Secondary School Teachers’, Social Studies, Students performance