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Using Second Life (SL) ‘game’ to motivate students in the Department of European Languages at KAU to understand major linguistic concepts (Published)

The aim of this study is to explore the potintiality of utilizing Secondlife ‘game’ SL in education which is an area that has not been explored especially in the Arab World with the purpose of teaching linguistic concepts.  The researcher used a mixed research approach.  Students input on the effectiveness of the immersive, highly gamified Quest Simulation, conducted during this study, is sought through both qualitative and quantitative measures.  The study demonstrated a great agreement with a theoretical predictions and significant improvements over previous efforts by the researcher. Results show the potential effictivrness of Second Life activities in an educational setting.  Based on our observations and students’ feedback, it appears that SL activities do have a positive impact on the students’ learning experience.

Keywords: second life SL; virtual environment; education; learning