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Information Search Strategies as Correlate of Information Resource Utilization in Academic Libraries (Published)

The study investigated the influence of knowledge of information search strategies on the use of library resources by undergraduate students in federal universities in South-South, zone, Nigeria. The sampled population comprised of 952 registered library users from 3 selected universities in the zone in 2017/2018 academic session. Survey research design method was employed using a structured questionnaire to collect data. Data collected was analysed using mean and standard deviation. The hypothesis was tested using simple linear regression. The regression model produced a regression coefficient of R = .405 which shows that there is a significant positive relationship between knowledge of information search strategies and utilization of library resources. The study equally revealed a relatively low knowledge of information search strategies by undergraduates in the universities investigated. It was recommended among others that libraries should intensify the teaching of information literacy skills, paying particular attention to information search strategies. More so, lecturers should give their students assignments and tasks that require them to do advanced literature search.

Keywords: Information resources, Library Resources, Nigeria, Undergraduates, Utilization, search strategies, south-south zone