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How to write Qualitative research (Published)

Scientific research is aimed at providing a solution(s) to a certain problem based on observable evidence. Generally, there are novel approaches that a research design can be formulated. However, research approaches have been broadly categorized into either qualitative research or quantitative research. Each of these approaches attempts to answer a particular question and may address issues which are related or unrelated. Initially, qualitative research was widely used but in recent past, quantitative research has gained significant attention considering its robustness. Mostly, qualitative research is exploratory and hence generalization cannot be made. The current study is aimed at exploring the tenets of qualitative research and how quality qualitative papers can be produced. It provides a chronological order of qualitative research from abstract to a conclusion and what is required in each step. The study uses cross-examination of kinds of literature that explored a qualitative approach. The results of this study will have both the education as well as policy implication.

Citation: Bakhtyar Ahmed Mohammed (2021) How to write Qualitative research, International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Vol.9, No.3, pp.1-6,

Keywords: Research, Scientific Research, abstract, qualitative, title

An Investigation into the Factors That Impede Scientific Research in Higher Education in Libya: Time to Act (Published)

Higher education and scientific research hold a key role in promoting development and rapid transformation for countries like Libya which is facing rapid changes and unstable political situation. There is a dire need in the Libyan educational system for a complete re-examination of research policy and planning in order to work towards improving its quality to meet the country’s needs. Given the current crisis in most Libyan universities, this study aims to investigate the factors that impede scientific research in Sabratha University. It also seeks to propose ways to improve research quality in the university. The findings of the study indicate that the lack of strategic plan for research is preventing the university from functioning and preserving its role in society. It also indicates that the lack of resources, fund and proper infrastructure are the main factors that influence scientific research.  

Keywords: Higher Education, Influencing Factors, Scientific Research


The research aims to shed light on the marketing of scientific research outputs strategy requirements through a sample survey of experts and specialists views in the areas of administrative and economic sciences at the University of Baghdad, and formed the research sample of (107) people, has been the adoption of the resolution as a tool head of the collection of data and information on the research and analyzed the responses using SPSS statistical software and statistical methods were adopted in the research is (weighted average, standard deviation, percentile weight, factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, Chi-square) and research found to several conclusions, including;The results showed that the mean public responses sample researched for requirements of marketing research outputs strategy was greater than the mean premise selected on the scale space which indicates achieve a state of high importance and perception has researched the concept of the sample and the importance of those requirements in the marketing of scientific research output process. Vary the degree of importance of the marketing strategy of scientific research output requirements and the percentage of their contribution to the interpretation of variation (83.456%), a high percentage was the order of those requirements in descending order of importance (the physical environment and promotion, research service planning, pricing, Benefiting parties). Vary sample researched responses about marketing research outputs at the macro-level strategy and the level of dimensional requirements.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy Requirements, Scientific Research


This study attempts to investigate scientific research in the development of Saudi Arabia through the analysis of some statistics on education and scientific research in the country. A number of key concepts have been reviewed such as : scientific research, alignment and strategic management for scientific research and theft detector. A blend of both quantitative and qualitative data is used. The descriptive research method is adopted. An analysis of documents using induction and references to original information were made. The findings include : A proposed model for a nationally research – oriented management , there is a possibility to benefit from the outcomes of research seminars in the national system overseen by stakeholders such as the Ministry of Higher Education, King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), and specialized research centers, and it is possible to shift towards a knowledge society .

Keywords: Alignment, Scientific Research, Strategic Management, Theft Detector