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English for Science and Technology: A Study of Cohesive Devices in Computer Science Texts (Published)

The study examined the grammatical cohesive devices in Computer Science texts through a comprehensive genre analysis. The texts were from eight sub registers of Computer Science. The data was collected through the corpus culled from Computer Science texts. The Systematic Functional Linguistics was used as a model of analysis for the grammatical cohesive devices found in the texts. It was discovered that the texts contained grammatical cohesive in the forms of conjunctions and reference expressions. The study also revealed that absence of ellipsis and substitution in the texts. It was equally discovered that the cohesive devices enabled the Computer Science authors to hang stretches of language together and they signaled relations between sentences. The study further highlighted the functions of the cohesive devices in giving coherence to academic writing. Therefore, the grammatical cohesive devices, is an integral part of any form of writing which connected the ideas logically.


Keywords: Computer Science, English, Science and Technology, cohesive devices, texts


Science and technology has made a remarkable impact in the development of many nations’ economy in this 21st century. The application of scientific knowledge in production has made tremendous development of infrastructures. Technology has elevated the economy of many nations through the introduction of modern technology that brought comfort and stability in man’s life. The foundation of technology is science; it is justifiable to say that science is the power of technology. The application of scientific knowledge has helped man to produce modern infrastructures and amplified the development of many nations. This study is focused on comparing the impact of science and technology in the developing nations. Questionnaire was the main instrument used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics to find the mean difference of science and technology. Findings and recommendations were made based on analysis of data.

Keywords: Impact of Science and Technology, Science and Technology