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Headmasters of Secondary Education and Professional Burnout (Published)

This paper comes to investigate the level of professional burnout of the headmasters of secondary schools in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. In particular, the levels of stress and professional exhaustion of the headmasters, the feelings they experience because of the demonstration of the syndrome, their attitudes in the workplace and their relations with other members of the school community are being investigated. The Maslach, Jackson & Schwab questionnaire (1996), a questionnaire structured for studying professional burnout (MBI – ES), was used for the collection of the data, while the statistical analysis was conducted with the SPSS18 package. From the data processing, it has emerged that headmasters are experiencing low levels of professional burnout in all three dimensions (emotional exhaustion, personal achievement, and depersonalization). The only demographic feature that showed a statistically significant correlation, and indeed negative, with the levels of emotional exhaustion was the service years of each participant in the position of the headmaster.

Keywords: Burnout Syndrome, Maslach Burnout Inventory., School Unit Headmasters, public schools