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The Use of School Services in the Management of Technical Colleges in North-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria (Published)

A fundamental problem that affected the management of technical colleges in the North-East Geo-political Zone of Nigeria was that school services such as students’ health services, feeding programme and extra-curricular activities were ineffective as in several technical colleges, the school services were either non-existent or were operated skeletally. The study therefore examined the effectiveness of school services in the technical colleges. The study answered one research question and tested one hypothesis. As a descriptive survey research design, a 15-item structured questioned, designed by the research based on available literature, collected data from respondents. The instrument was validated by experts in Industrial Technology Education and Educational Management. It was administered on 597 respondents, after it was trial tested on 20 respondents from a technical college outside the study area. The test re-test method estimated the coefficient of stability of the instrument which stood at 0.81. At the end of the administration of the instrument which took a space of six weeks, a total of 390 valid copies were obtained, made of 75 administrators, 180 teachers and 180 students. The analysis of the results was carried out on the 390 valid copies of the questionnaire. Finding showed that school services such as health services, computer services, advisory services, library services, tailoring services and careers day in technical colleges in the North-East Geo-political Zone of Nigeria were moderately effective. Similarly, finding showed that there was a significant difference in the mean scores of administrators, teachers and students on the effectiveness of school services in technical college management. The result of a post hoc Scheffe test revealed that administrators were responsible for the significant difference in the mean scores of respondents. The findings of the study implied that administrators of the technical colleges need to put in more effort to improve school services in the colleges. This is necessary so as to forestall any breakdown of law and order, arising mainly from the absence of the services. Consequently, the study recommended that in order to improve the effectiveness of the management of the technical colleges, they need to adopt appropriate strategies such as providing effective health services, library services, extra-curricula activities, careers day, information services and utilities services.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Extra-Curricula Activities, Management, School Services