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Influence of Community Transmission of Covid-19 on School Management in Enugu State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated influence of community transmission of COVID-19 on school management in Enugu State, Nigeria. Three research questions were formulated. The research design used was descriptive survey. The sample of the study was 334 respondents selected from the study area using simple and accidental random sampling techniques. The instrument used for the study was 16-items, modified rating scale questionnaire titled “Community Transmission and School Management Rating Scale (TSMRS)” was used for data collection. This instrument was duly validated by experts and its reliability estimate was established at .86 using Cronbach Alpha reliability method. Simple percentage, statistical technique was used for the study. The results showed that the provision of nose masks, hand washing soap and alcohol based sanitizers for the schools were above average in the study area. Based on the results, recommendations were made, among others, that the government should engage media organisations and the citizenry on media literacy to fight against the spread of inappropriate and infections information and government should endeavour tot structure special and comprehensive palliative programmes for citizens as alternatives.

Citation: Elechi Catherine Nkiru, Ukwuaba, Loretta Chika, Ph.D & Ekpenyong David Oboqua (2021) Influence of Community Transmission of Covid-19 on School Management in Enugu State, Nigeria, British Journal of Education, Vol. 9, Issue 10, pp.1-9,

Keywords: Community, School Management, Transmission, corona virus disease

Educational Services to Develop Students’ Different Variaties of Potential, Competence, Knowledge, and Experience in Elementary School (Published)

Education plays an important role to give a service to students particularly to those who have various kind of potential. Therefore, it needs to formulate the concept of educational services that can develop the potential of diverse students. This case study used a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) technique conducted in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surakarta. The research found out the concept of educational services for various kinds of students’ potential with the needs of strengthening school principal management involving students’ parents’ association, home visit, improve teaching and learning using various kinds of teaching methodology and teaching and learning tool.


Keywords: Education, Elementary School, School Management, Teaching and Learning, parents’ association, potential

The Relationship Between the Capabilities of School Management and Teacher’s Performance Guiding and Counseling at Government Senior High School in Medan Academic Year 2015/2016 (Published)

This study aims to determine the relationship between principal management capabilities with the performance of guidance and counseling teachers in SMA NEGERI Medan. The formulation of the problem in this study is any relationship between the principal’s management capability with the performance of guidance and counseling teachers of State Senior High School Medan City 2015/2016 academic year. This type of research is a correlation research which is one part of the ex facto research because the researchers do not manipulate the state of a variable that is reflected in the correlation coefficient. Researchers do not treat the research variables but examine the facts that have occurred based on the perceptions of teachers guidance and counseling facts were excavated using a questionnaire containing the number of questions that reflect teachers’ perceptions of guidance and counseling on the ability of school principals. The results of research using descriptive and correlation methods. The relationship between one variable with several variables is expressed by the amount of correlation coefficient and significance (significant) statistically. This study has two variables, namely the principal’s management capability as X variable and teacher guidance and counseling performance as variable Y. Results indicated that the implementation of the principal’s management capability in SMA was disseminated 3.45. The results of the study provide answers that teachers guidance and counseling in the State Senior High School of Medan has a high performance / well indicated by the average answer questionnaire distributed 3.20. Result of calculation of correlation coefficient price between variable of headmaster’s management ability (X) With teacher performance guidance and counseling variable (Y) equal to 0,8597 show very positive relationship. From result of hypothesis test with t-test calculation show t count t table or 14,346 2,086 which answer the hypothesis of this research that is: “there is positive and significant correlation between managerial capability of headmaster with guidance counselor and counseling performance at SMA NEGERI Medan.

Keywords: Education, School Management, Teacher’s Performance, counseling

Managing Schools with Migrant Learners: A Daunting Challenge for Rural School Principals at the Northern Outskirts of South Africa (Published)

The influx of undocumented and unaccompanied migrant learners in the rural schools of the District of Vhembe in Limpopo Province of South Africa is alarming. These learners come to South Africa with unique challenges. They are affected by socio-economic factors.  They do not have identification documents. They are dogged by language barriers and are often victims of xenophobic attitudes. Their inclusion in the school system brings about new challenges to the school management teams. The study argues that effective management of school is a necessary pre-condition for addressing the educational predicament of migrant learners. As such, principals have the responsibility to manage their schools effectively and efficiently. A qualitative research was conducted at Tshipise-Sagole district to determine the extent to which principals address the educational challenges of migrant learners. Six schools with a significant number of migrant learners were purposefully selected.  Data were collected through individual interviews with 6 school principals. Data were analysed thematically. The study revealed that managing schools with migrant learners remains a daunting challenge to principals. It is also revealed that principals as custodians of migrant learners play a vital role in addressing these difficulties. The study recommended that school principals should profile migrant learners’ needs and barriers in order to address them amicably and provide necessary support. Government support and involvement of various stakeholders are cited as very important aspects as this should be a shared responsibility.


Keywords: Inclusive Education, Migration, School Management, migrant learners

Time Flies: A Statement that Best Applies to School Principals (Published)

The purpose of this study was to investigate how do principals of a sample of private schools (N= 60) utilize and manage their time on daily-basis. A survey consisting of three sections attempted to collect data pertaining to demographic characteristics of participants, how they spend time on organizational/management tasks versus time expenditure on instructional tasks. SPSS 18.0 was used to analyze data. Results indicate that principals lacked basic time management skills and that the time they spent on organizational/management was far more than that they consumed on instructional tasks. Implications and recommendations are provided at the end of the stud

Keywords: Instructional Leadership, Principals, School Management, Time Management