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School Location and Educational Opportunity in Nigeria (Published)

It is obvious that the place a school is located has an impact negatively or positively on the educational opportunities available to those committed to it. There is a general consensus therefore that improving the availability of school opportunities increases greater equality in gender and socio-economic status participation. This therefore influences the policies and measures being embarked by numerous administrations across the world to tackle the educational imbalance between classes, states and ethnic groups in the country. In this paper, equality of educational opportunities entails a lot of things. It means giving the same type educational treatment to everybody without any form of discrimination regardless of any location, disability or barriers the individual may have. The 1999 Nigerian constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria coded, institutionalized and legitimized political patronage representative for sharing the national positions and resources. It provided not only the clauses of “federal character” at the national level and diversity at the local and state level of government, but also instituted a Federal Character Commission to oversee, implement and ensure compliance. There are educational disadvantaged states in Nigeria that led to the introduction of “Catchment Area” which is another phrase in the admission policy to promote equalization of educational opportunity. In this paper, the type of school, topography of site, population, nature of host community, aesthetic value of the site, availability of amenities, pollution levels are some of the factors put into consideration prior to the establishment of a school. Barriers to educational opportunities as identified in this paper include; individual differences amongst pupils, selection methods, quota system of admission, unaffordable costs, gender discrimination, armed conflicts and limited admission spaces.

Keywords: Education, Federal Character, School Location, educational opportunity

Influence of School Location on the Achievement of Students Taught Oral English with Games Technique (Published)

This study was carried out to find out the influence of school location on the achievement of students taught Oral English with games technique. One research question and two null-hypotheses guided the study. The quasi-experimental research design involving non-equivalent control group was used for the study. The sample consisted 304 JS III students drawn from eight intact classes in Idah Education Zone of Kogi State, Nigeria. Pre-test and post-test were administered to all the groups (treatment and control). A 60-item Oral English Achievement Test (OEAT) was used for data collection. The data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) at 0.05 level of significance. The finding of the study was that location had influence on students’ achievement. The paper recommends, among others, that government should carry out proper monitoring and supervision of Oral English teachers in both urban and rural areas of Nigeria.


Keywords: Games Technique, Oral English, School Location, Students’ Achievement

Influence of School Location on Students Attitude towards Mathematics and Basic Science (Published)

The study investigated “influence of school location on student’s attitude towards mathematics and basic science”. It adopted survey design. One research question and one hypothesis was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. One hundred and sixty six (166) students formed the sample of this study, two (2) validated and reliable instruments namely Mathematics and Basic Science Achievement Test (MBSAT) and Students Location Test (SLT) were used to collect data for this study. Analysis of the data results showed that; there was no significant difference in the mean performance scores between urban and rural school students with positive attitude towards mathematics and basic science using the independent t-test analysis. Based on these findings, some suggestions and recommendations were made on the need for students to develop positive attitude towards the study of mathematics and basic science despites a student location. This is because attitude is a good predictor of academic performance particularly in mathematics and basic science.

Keywords: Basic Science, MBSAT, Mathematics, School Location, Students, attitude