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Awareness and Experience of School Library Usage among Undergraduate Students: A Review of the Literature (Published)

Tertiary institutions have academic libraries attached to them with the mandate to preserve and provide access to knowledge and information and support the mission of their parent institutions but before getting introduced to the academic library, users must have passed through a primary and secondary school expected to have a school library. The mission and goal of a typical school library is to ensure that students and staff are able to use ideas and information of the school library media center and have equitable access to books, reading space, information, and information technology. This is expected to help prepare students to live and learn in a world of information and their perception of the school library, its image, services and importance, which goes a long way in making them lifelong learners and potential users of other library types. Ironically, one still finds in Nigeria, some primary and secondary schools being run without libraries. This paper therefore discussed the extent of school library awareness and experience and its possible effects on the library usage by undergraduate students. Specifically, it discussed school library awareness and experience as well as library usage among the undergraduate students; and concluded on the extent to which school library awareness and experience are determinants of library usage among undergraduate students

Keywords: Academic Library, Experience, School library., Undergraduate Students, awareness, library usage

Availability and Utilization of School Library Resources by Students in Senior Secondary Schools in Owerri West LGA Imo State (Published)

The general purpose of the study is availability and utilization of school library resources by students in senior secondary schools in Owerri West L.G.A, Imo State.  The survey design research was used for the study.  The researcher constructed three research questions which were analyzed based on mean value differentials. The research adopted census method which was used to investigate 364 students from the senior secondary schools in Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo State. Self constructed and validated questionnaire was used to collect data for this study.  Findings showed that the format of the information resources in the school library of the secondary schools in Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo State is low and that some information resources are not relevant, even though use of the library is dependent on information relevance and information relevance satisfies use of the library. The study recommends that efforts should be made to determine if information resources contain idea that will be valuable and useful to the user before they are acquired and made available to the users.

Keywords: Availability, School library., Utilization, resources


The paper provides an overview of some elements that are necessary for ensuring effective selection and organization of information resources in school library. It explained the meaning, importance and need for best practice in the selection and organization of information resources in school libraries and tied the effectiveness of the process to conformity with Ranganthan’s five laws of library science. The paper also highlighted some selection criteria and tools as well as some expected qualities of a selector. Recommendations on the way forward in achieving effective selection and organization of acquired information resources in school library were also itemized.

Keywords: Information resources, Organization, Ranganathan’s law, School library., Selection