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Feedback from Technical University Fashion Students On Preparations for Semester-Out Industrial Attachment (Published)

This paper sought feedback from Technical University Higher National Diploma (HND) Fashion Students on the adequacy of their preparations for their Semester-Out Industrial Attachment (S-OIA) programme. The paper adopted a cross-sectional descriptive survey design and used a semi-structured questionnaire to collect data from 199 third year HND Fashion Students from five public Technical Universities in Ghana. The feedback from the students showed varied levels of dissatisfaction about the school-based preparations they went through prior to the S-O IA programme. Even though majority of the students affirmed that the school-based preparations made were necessary, it was obviously not helpful to many in view of the percentage of respondents who were informed on the benefits of the programme during the school-based orientation. It was therefore suggested that Technical Universities Industrial Liaison offices adopt and strictly adhere to the school-based preparation protocols and processes.

Keywords: Feedback, Students, industrial attachment, liaison offices, school-based preparations