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Impacts of COVID-19 in Tourism Sectors: A study of Sauraha Chitwan (Published)

Nepal announced 2020 as years of visit Nepal and January 1st Government of Nepal also inaugurated the visit Nepal 2020 in Dasaratha Stadium Kathmandu. Public and private sectors have invested Millions to achieve the goal of Visit Nepal 2020, however, soon after the inauguration of Visit Nepal 2020 COVID-19 introduced in Nepal. The effect also falls in the tourism of Sauraha. The can be seen various impacts of COVID-19 in tourism sectors like jungle safari, hotels, restaurants. The study analyzes peoples’ perception on the effect of COVID-19 on tourism sectors. The study followed both descriptive and analytical research design based on qualitative paradigm of the research. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources, however, findings and conclusion of the study was based on primary data. Only 25 individual respondents randomly selected to collect the information about the impacts of COVID-19 on tourism. From the data analysis and presentation it is found that social, economic, cultural and psychological impacts occurred in study area specially, in tourism sectors.


Keywords: COVID-19, Chitwan tourism, Sauraha