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The Image of the Jew in the Saudi Novel (Published)

The character of the Jew in literature is character that motivates the Arab reader most because it evokes a long history of conflicts between the Arabs and Jews. This study found that the texts of the Saudi novel that tried to employ the character of the Jew are few and limited and there causes for this which the study deals in detail. The study traces the texts of the Saudi novel in which the character of the Jew appears and introduces.  The study tries to give answers to questions  that represent the objectives and requirements of its goals. These questions are: How does the character of  the Jew appear in the novels? What are its most obvious dimensions? From which perspectives is the character introduced? What is the vision that the Saudi novel introduces regarding the character of the Jew? To give answers to these questions, the study discusses the works of the following Saudi writers: Zainab Hanafi, Turki Alhamad, Omaima Khamis, Abdullah Sa’d, Ghazi al-Qussaibi, Abd al-Wahhab Al Mar’ie, Muhammad Abdo Yamani, Khoqir Issam, Abu Aqil al-Zahiri. The study employs the element of narratology, mainly its semantic aspect. It also relies on certain tools of the psychological methodology. 

Keywords: Character, Dimensions, Jew, Reconciliation., Saudi Novel, rejection