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An Examination of Customers’ Evaluation of the Justice Theory as a Basis For Understanding the Process of Service Recovery and Satisfaction With Recovery in the Provision of National Health Insurance in Ghana (Published)

This study examined thoroughly customers’ evaluation of the justice theory as a basis for understanding the process of service recovery and satisfaction with recovery in the provision of National Health Insurance in Ghana. Field responses were gathered from the Clients (Subscribers’). In all, 2000 self -administered questionnaires were sent to Subscribers in each of the four Schemes (making a total of 8000). Based on the responses gathered from the field, it was revealed that all the four Schemes studied can be described as being unfair when it comes to their quests of applying the justice theory to responding to service failures. The findings further conclude that majority of the respondents do not agree that the Schemes studied provide satisfaction with recovery and are not satisfied with overall firms (Schemes).

Keywords: Ghana, Justice Theory, Overall Firm’s Satisfaction, Satisfaction With Recovery, Subscribers (Clients)