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Factors Influencing Villagers’ Satisfaction with Implementation of Rural Master Plans : (A Case Study in Southern Leylan District, Malekan Town, East Azerbaijan, Iran) (Published)

Rural Master Plans (RMP) have been implemented in many different Iranian rural areas in recent years. The level of satisfaction with the plans is the focus of many researchers because it can provide important information via an effective feedback process for the managers to be able to supply the best means of implementing these plans. This also reveals weaknesses in their administration and planning constrains. RMPs are being implemented in order to improve basic problems in the country such as disorganization of physical situation and improper quality of rural housing. The aim of the present study was to identify factors influencing Southern Leylan District villagers’ satisfaction with implementation of Rural Master Plans. As a descriptive-correlation study, the study contained 3204 rural households of Southern Leylan District. The sample size was 150 rural households selected by Cochran sample size formula using multistage sampling with optimization. A 15-item questionnaire was designed to collect the data, the validity of which was assessed by professionals (faculty members and experts of HFIR [1] experts) and its reliability was admitted by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (ἁ=0.88). Pearson’s correlation and mean comparison tests (t- & F- tests) were employed to analyze the data. Results showed that there was a positive relationship between availability of communicational and traffic services (correlation = 0.67), and satisfaction with Rural Master Plans; there is a significant relationship between satisfaction with RMP  and standard constructs (correlation =0.68), quality of paths (correlation =0.90), housing and construction (correlation =0.75) as well as healthcare improvement (correlation =0.89).

[1] Hosing Foundation of Islamic Revolution

Keywords: Satisfaction level; Rural Master Plans; Southern Leylan District; Malekan Town