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Personal Factors and Satellite Television Choice Behaviour in a Typical Emerging Economy (Published)

This study focuses on the nexus between personal factors and satellite television choice behavior in a typical emerging market like Nigeria. Empirical investigation that examines the nexus between personal factors and satellite television choice in a typical emerging market like the south-west Nigeria is highly under-reported hence, this study aimed at filling this gap in literature. In order to achieve this, descriptive survey was adopted while the study population comprised active subscribers of some selected satellite television providers in South-west Nigeria. Stratified sampling was employed as the sampling technique while questionnaire was the research instrument. Multiple regression was used to test the hypothesized relationship between the variables of study. It was revealed that economic status, personality and lifestyle have positive and significant effect on the choice of satellite television. However, family life cycle stage did not have a significant effect on the choice of satellite television. It was concluded that this study provided empirical evidences that support the necessity of personal factors in the course of chosen satellite television in a typical emerging market. It was recommended among others that the satellite television marketers should strongly consider the personal factors of the actual and potential subscribers in the process of designing their market offerings.


Keywords: Emerging Market, Lifestyle, Nigeria, Personality, choice behavior, economic status, family life cycle stage, personal factors, satellite television

Cultural Value Orientations and Satellite Television Preference in Nigeria (Published)

Culture comprises the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, intellectual and emotional features that characterize society, our thought about life, and our ideas. Culture shape the way we see world; it has capacity to bring about the change of attitudes needed to ensure peace and sustainable development which is known as the only possible way forward for life on planet earth. Considering the prominence of Satellite television as a virtual medium, this study sought to know the influence of media imperialism and the claim that it has affected and undermined local Nigerian norms and values. More so, this study examined the cultural value orientation and satellite television preference in the south-western states of Nigeria, the region that is fully immersed with her culture. It specifically examined how satellite television has affected the knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by Nigerians as a member of the society. The research methodology utilizes descriptive statistics with a self-designed questionnaire used to elicit information from a sample of 180 respondents.  The formulated hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using multiple regressions. The findings of the study revealed that the relationship between satellite television preferences and cultural value orientation is high, positive and statistically significant. It was therefore recommended among others that television operators and producers should revamp the culture through interesting educative programme.

Keywords: Consumer preference, Nigeria, cultural value orientations, satellite television