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Factors that Influence the Early Completion of Long Essays by M. Ed Educational Administration Students of the University of Education, Winneba (Published)

The purpose of this research was to find out the background of sandwich graduate students at UEW who were unable to complete their programmes of study within the stipulated time.  The study also attempted to find out the effects of improper time management on them and the barriers to the early completion of their thesis.  The research design was a descriptive survey and the sampling technique used was simple random sampling for student-respondents and purposive sampling method for supervisor-respondents. The study found, among other things that over ninety percent of M.Ed students are working full time and the demands on their jobs, family, social and academic work put undue pressure on them, contributing to their inability to complete their programmes within the stipulated time.  It also came to light, through interviews with supervisors that poor writing skills on the part of students was a barrier to their early completion. The paper concludes with recommendations to help resolve the challenge.

Keywords: Education, Essay, M.Ed, Sandwich Students, Winneba


The study sought to investigate the type of stress that 2012/2013 final year sandwich students of the Department of Basic Education, UEW, Ghana, experience most and the type of coping strategies they adopt in managing stress. Four hundred and fifty-three (453) final year students were purposively sampled for the study. However, four hundred and six (406) students were used for the analysis because they correctly filled and returned their questionnaire. The questionnaire used to collect the data for the study was adapted from Carver, Scheier and Weintraub (1989). The findings from the study revealed that 56.6% of the respondents mostly experience acute stress, 28.6% mostly experienced chronic stress while 14.8% mostly experienced episodic stress. The study also showed that restraint coping strategy (mean=4.07, standard deviation=0.95) was always used as a problem-focused coping strategy while positive reinterpretation and growth(mean=4.15, standard deviation=0.91) was always used as an emotion-focused coping strategy. It was found out that the students used more of problem-focused strategies (meam of means=3.53, standard deviation=1.03) in managing stress than emotion-focused strategies (mean of means=3.27, standard deviation=1.10). It is recommended among other things that the Counselling Unit of UEW, Ghana, in collaboration with the various faculties should organize regular seminars and workshops on Time Management and Stress Management for sandwich students in UEW. Again, the Sports Directorate of the University should formulate programmes on physical exercises and sporting activities that will benefit sandwich students in managing stress situations they go through while on campus.

Keywords: Acute Stress, Chronic Stress, Emotion-Focused Strategy., Episodic Stress, Problem-Focused Strategy, Sandwich Students