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Analysis of Effect against Selling Price Sales Volume in Primary and Chemical Industry Company Sub Cement Sector Listed on the Stock Exchange (Published)

The consumption level of Indonesian society, especially in the city of Bandung can be said to be very high to see always full as Factory Outlet shopping center, restaurant, shopping malls, and more. Seeing these conditions that the people of Indonesia can be said consumptive, it is for entrepreneurs or producers used as an opportunity to sell products that are expected to earn profits from the business, and the profits would be affected by sales volume, while sales volume itself will be affected by the sale price of the products this research using descriptive and verification method, the unit of analysis in this study three companies manufacturing base and chemical industry sectors cement sub-sector, with a selection of sample using purposive sampling method, while data analysis techniques used Path analysis. The results showed that the Sale Price has a significant positive effect on the volume of sales in the manufacturing sector of basic industry and chemical sub-sectors listed on the Stock Exchange of cement.

Keywords: Industrial Manufacture, Sales Price Volume Sales