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Occupational Safety and Health Issues in Ghana: Strategies for Improving Employee Safety and Health at Workplace (Published)

Contemporary employees spend most of their working lives at the workplace. Work provides economic, social and psychological experiences that promote the mental well-being of individuals. The work environment should be devoid of hazards as much as possible to provide healthy and decent work for the workforce. However, numerous injuries, illnesses, property damages and process losses take place at different workplaces. There is the urgent need for guidelines to help manage and improve safety and health at the workplace. Currently, there is no comprehensive national health and safety policy in Ghana that provides these guidelines. This paper provides a generic guide to managing the myriad of hazards that exist at the workplaces to enhance healthy and decent work for employees in Ghana. It discusses different forms of potential hazards and provides guidelines on how they can be identified, assessed, controlled or managed when they are present in a given work setting.

Keywords: Industrial accidents, Safety Culture, decent work, hazards control, safety management, safety performance