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Appraising the Influence of Cultural Determinants of Construction Workers Safety Perception and Behaviour in Nigeria (Published)

Health and safety has been a source of concern to the performance of construction sector in Nigeria. The high rate of accidents and injuries occasioned by workers acts and perceptions attests to this concern. This paper assesses the cultural factors that influence the behaviour and perceptions of construction workers towards safety in South-East Nigeria. It provides a framework for incorporating cultural elements in issues relating to construction business. The study employed the survey research method for the investigation. Structured questionnaire was administered to a sample of site operatives and management staff involved in construction projects in the study area. Responses were analyzed using SPSS 16.0; mean score index and standard deviation to ascertain the influence of cultural elements on workers behaviour and perceptions. The study revealed that five cultural dimensions affect the way construction workers perceive and act towards safety. Respondents agreed that three dimensions (collectivism, uncertainty avoidance and long term orientation) promote safe behaviours and perceptions of workers, while power distance and masculinity promote unsafe behaviours and perceptions towards safety in construction. The study advocates adequate consideration of workers cultural values and beliefs in every construction business, especially those that promote safe behaviours and perceptions in the construction process.

Keywords: Behaviour, Construction workers, Cultural Determinants, Nigeria, Safety Perception