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Organizational Safety from individuals’ point of view (Published)

This paper discusses the crucial importance of the mindfulness of every individual within an organization of Safety. The very real possibility of damage and injury to the persons populating the premises of the organization must be clearly articulated, behaviors and activities that work towards minimizing that risk rewarded while those that undermine it effectively discouraged. While such risk always exists, it is within the best interest of the of the organization to make the physical and psychological wellness of its individuals a primary pillar of its vision in that way.

Keywords: Safety Climate, organizational safety culture, safety management

Risk and Safety Management in the Construction Industry: A Case of Tamale Metropolis, Northern Region (Published)

The paper examines the key factors that influence risk and safety performance of construction sites, the effects of accidents on construction site and the measures that will improve risk and safety performance on construction sites in the Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region of Ghana. Three research questions were formulated. The study adopted descriptive research that is mixed methodology approach. The research instruments employed were self- administered questionnaires, interviews and observations which were used in collecting primary data from the selected construction firms. The population of the study was two hundred and thirty (230) selected individuals. They consist of site supervisors (60), site engineers (60), architect (30), consultants (20) and general foremen (60) in the Tamale Metropolis of Northern Region of Ghana. Interview guide were also sent out to reach thirty (30) Project Managers of the registered Ghanaian contractors and an observations were made in six (6) different project sites to get the right information about risk and safety management in the construction industry .Stratified random and non-proportional probability sampling techniques were employed for the study. The findings of the study on factors that influence risk and safety performance revealed some important factors which include; lack of implementation of mandatory PPE policy on site, inadequate and safe means of access to and from at workplaces, difficulties in accessing risk and safety records due to restricted working conditions, and less or no lighting in confine areas on site to ensure risk and safety management. The findings of the study also gave the effects of construction sites accidents and their consequences; on fatal accidents, day’s work is suspended, construction companies pay huge sums of compensation, some accidents lead to loss of lives. The study made some recommendations which, if adopted, will lead to significant improvements in the risk and safety performance of construction companies in Ghana.

Keywords: Construction, Project Performance, construction companies, construction risk, safety management

Impact of Safety Management Strategy on the Performance of Employees in Ashakacem Plc, Nafada-Bajoga, Gombe State-Nigeria (Published)

This study examines the impact of safety management strategy on the performance of employees in Ashakacem PLC. The main objective is to determine how safety management strategy of Ashakacem impact on employee’s performance. The study employs the use of both primary and secondary sources of data from different cadres of employees (managers, middle level, low level) and contract staff including distributors and customers of the company. The data were analyzed using Simple Percentages and Chi-square to test the formulated hypotheses which reveals that, “effective safety management strategy impact positively on the performance of employees”, particularly in the areas of the provisions  of personal protective safety equipment and enforcement of safety laws such as the provision of fire extinguishers, first aid facilities, hand gloves, mouth and Norse guard, dielectric safety boot and thermal socks, head gear kits, dielectric hard hat, high and medium energy goggle, Lab Coat etc. These have the most significant impact on employee’s performance while the establishment of factory Clinic for staff and seminar/safety talks and enforcement of ground safety rules has the least impact. Some recommendations were made; among which is the need for effective monitoring and evaluation of all safety measures in line with the ground safety rules to ensure safe and healthy working environment for effective performance. The study concludes that the company’s protective wears are of certified international standards made to be comfortable-to-wear, permanently flame-resistant and arc-rated material protecting workers against the thermal effects of both electrical arc flash and toxic materials arising from the factory production processes and procedures which is dependent on company’s strategic safety management policy and formation combined with excellent decision-making exercise that help in reducing employee’s risks conditions to the barest minimum level.

Keywords: Ashakacem Plc, Nigeria, Performance, Strategy, safety management

Occupational Safety and Health Issues in Ghana: Strategies for Improving Employee Safety and Health at Workplace (Published)

Contemporary employees spend most of their working lives at the workplace. Work provides economic, social and psychological experiences that promote the mental well-being of individuals. The work environment should be devoid of hazards as much as possible to provide healthy and decent work for the workforce. However, numerous injuries, illnesses, property damages and process losses take place at different workplaces. There is the urgent need for guidelines to help manage and improve safety and health at the workplace. Currently, there is no comprehensive national health and safety policy in Ghana that provides these guidelines. This paper provides a generic guide to managing the myriad of hazards that exist at the workplaces to enhance healthy and decent work for employees in Ghana. It discusses different forms of potential hazards and provides guidelines on how they can be identified, assessed, controlled or managed when they are present in a given work setting.

Keywords: Industrial accidents, Safety Culture, decent work, hazards control, safety management, safety performance