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Workplace Bullying and Victimization in Tertiary Institution: Safety and Health Perspective (Published)

There has been rising interests in studying extraneous factors that are responsible to myriad of organizational misbehaviors in most working environment of today. Over the past decade mobbing or as is popularly known bullying in the workplace has contributed immensely to the challenges employees are facing. The near absence of research and data on this organizational misbehavior despite its high occurrences in most workplaces makes this research relevant and timely. The conspicuous or near absence of literature on bullying in this part of the world requires that a study like this need to be conducted. The of this research will not serve as an addition to literature but will unveiled level of occurrences of these behaviors, suggest ways and how to reduce the occurrence and develop mechanism to use to help the victims. Available literatures in advanced economies reveals that organizational cultures promotes or undermine the dignity of the individual employees, or visitors and in a way influence behaviors that encourages respect or bullying. The liberty to hide under the cover of certain organizational organograms and power structures denies interested parties to study the levels of bullying in the workplaces. These, therefore led to having an underestimated data in most of the work environment where it occur. It has been confirmed that bullying causes significant amount of health problems for employees in many organizations. The threat of being bullied or anticipated bullying contributed immensely to stress causing conditions and to a large extent ill health. This study recognizes that building a culture of respect requires organizations to establish a range of integrated policies, structures and interventions to address mobbing/bullying acts. A concerted and collective effort need to be made to developed greater understanding by involving range of stakeholders including organizational management, unions, professionals, human resources, lawyers, occupational health psychologists and therapists

Keywords: Bullying, Victimization, Workplace, mobbing, safety and health