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An Investigation on the Causes of Low Birth Weight in Rural Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

Low birth weight as defined by World Health Organization is the weight of the baby at birth which is less than 2500grammes (5.5pounds). This study examines the factors associated with low birth weight in rural delta state, Nigeria with objectives of determining the variables making significant contributions to the occurrence of LBW and developing an explanatory model for predicting Birth-weight in the region. Simple descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and multiple linear regression was applied on the dataset, from which significant correlations were found to exists between birth weight and gestational period, birth weight and parity and between birth weight and mother’s age {(r = .290, p-value = .044), (r = -.249, p-value = .001), (r = -.234, p-value = .045)} respectively. Also, the model, Birth Weight = -1.032 + .032 Mother’s Age + .308 Gestational Period + .377 Parity, significantly predicted Birth Weight, F(5,136) = 3.482, p-value =0.005 < 0.05, R2adjusted= 0.589; 58.9%. with Parity making the strongest statistically unique significant contribution to explaining Birth Weight in the region(Beta = -.408)

Keywords: Gestational Period, Low Birth Weight, Maternal Variables, Parity, Rural Delta State.