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Seroprevalence of Rubella IGG Antibodies among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria (Published)

The Seroprevalence of rubella IgG antibodies was investigated among 187 pregnant women attending Mile Four Hospital (MFH) Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Blood specimens were collected from the subjects and sera extracted. The sera were screened for rubella virus immunoglobulin G antibody (IgG) using ELISA test Kit (Micro Immune limited, UK). The results obtained were subjected to SPSS system and Chi square test for significant difference at 95% confidence interval. Of the 187 pregnant women tested, 174(93.05 %) were positive for the rubella virus IgG. This study revealed that all the subjects who were 41 years and above tested positive 5(100.00%), whereas those who were 15 years and below 2 subjects had the prevalence rate of 50.00%. Pregnant women in their third, first and second trimesters had prevalence rates of 95.75%, (95.35%) and 86.95% accordingly. Samples tested shows that unmarried women were more infected with anti- rubella IgG of 94.44% recorded, then followed by married women with 93.79% and divorcee  had 90.91%. However, widows had the least prevalence rate of 84.62%. Occupationally, women civil servants had prevalence rate of 97.56%. Educationally, pregnant women with tertiary education were more infected, rubella virus amounting to 96.61%. More infection was found among women living in rural areas with 93.59% rate, than their urban counterparts who had 92.66%. Furthermore, primigravida women were more infected (95.16%). The Sero-prevalence of rubella in this study was high and it calls for general surveillance and mass immunization of children and females of child bearing age.

Keywords: Antibody, ELISA, Immunnoglobulin G, Pregnant Women, Rubella, Seroprevalence.