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Stress As Predictor of Principals’ Work Performance in Public Schools in Edo State (Published)

The work assessed stress as predictor of principals’ work performance in public schools in Edo State. Two research objectives gave focused to the study and one null hypothesis was tested. Descriptive survey research design gave credence to the study. The entire population of 140 principals was used for the study. Data was obtained with the aid of Questionnaire. Chronbach Alpha method gave reliability coefficient of 0.76 for the instrument. Data collected were answered using mean. The t-test answered the hypothesis. From the results, it was concluded that the job stress indicators that influence principals’ job performance are workload and role ambiguity. Male & female principals did not differ significantly with respect to influence of stress on their job performance in public schools in Edo State hence the null hypothesis acceptance. Consequently, it was recommended that development and implementation of stress management strategies for principals should be a major option for effective and efficient public school administration. Furthermore, principals should be encouraged with extra allowance for their excess job functions as to reduce brain drain in public senior secondary schools.


Keywords: Job Performance, Stress, Workload, role ambiguity