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Design and Fabrication of a Cost Effective Four Cavity Plastic Injection Mould for Bottled Water Handle (Published)

Design and fabrication of a cost effective four cavity plastic injection mould for production of bottled water handle with locally available materials has been achieved. This research was appropriate considering the impact on sales of a sampled company that used handles for their bottled water before the scarcity of handles as a result of monopoly in importation. The clamping force which is a function of cavity pressure, cavity force and projected area was obtained as 243.2239N. The maximum deflection and the maximum bending stress were calculated to be 2.3282x 10-3mm and 4.4677×105N/m2 respectively. The impact of the handle on the rate of return of the sampled company was tested. It was observed that before the introduction of handle, the Return on Investment (ROI) was approaching 30% and when handle was introduced, the ROI increased to 46.34% and 46.05% for the locally and foreign made handles respectively. However, the ROI declined to 34.41% when the handle was removed in both cases. This clearly shows that the handle has a great impact on the bottled water sales and market share for bottled water industries is expected to increase due to public acceptability. Also, the introduction of handle allowed for convenience in carrying bottled water especially the 1.5ltr. sizes.

Keywords: Bottled water handle, ROI, Regime


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a powerful tool or channel for ensuring greater benefits to the individual organization and enables a better engagement in the society. The study examines how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is contributing to mass access of Fertilizer & Cement Industry in the local and global market. The study used cross section primary data from the level of executives of the corporations. Towards the achievement of its objectives this study uses descriptive statistical tools. The findings of the study revealed that practicing of CSR is playing pivotal role to pick up the brand image and reputation of the Pakistani Fertilizer & Cement Corporations to the customers in the local and global arena. This study focuses on the society that has a lot of sacrifices for the benefits of these organizations, as a result of which the organizations must share the fruits of profit to society in the form CSR.In Pakistan , the major part of society is poor and government is unable to cater with the general problems of the society/population and the business organization have earning huge profits in the same country and in the same society. In our country the contribution of society towards the business organizations is at maximum but the CSR activities in Pakistan are not up to the mark.

Keywords: CF., CO, CSR, ROI