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Application of Logistic Regression Model to Admission Decision of Foundation Programme at University Of Lagos. (Published)

This paper considers the application of logistic regression model to admission process from foundation to degree of university of Lagos. The choice of this model becomes imperative as a result of dichotomous relationship existing in the model (either recommended for the admission or not). 395 students of foundation programme was selected from faculty of business administration. Statistical package for social scientist (SPSS) was used for the analysis. The results show that type of secondary school attended, mode of school fees payment at first registration, sponsor and first semester grade point average contribute significantly to the chance of gaining admission to the degree programme of the institution. The fitness of the model was assessed using Hosmer and Lemeshow test, split-sample approach and other supplementary indices to validate the model. The fitted model indicated that fitted binary logistic regression model could be used to predict the future admission process.

Keywords: Cross-validation, Direct entry admission, Foundation programme Likelihood ratio, Logistic regression model, Odds ratio, Roc curve.