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Analysing the Effects of Road Expansion Programme on Shopping Attributes of Owerri City Inhabitants (Published)

This paper ascertained the effects of road expansion programmes of Owerri urban on the shopping attributes of the inhabitants. The study was carried out in order to determine the extent to which road expansion programmes affected travel time, travel cost, parking facilities, accessibility and shopping expenditures of the city inhabitants.  A survey was carried out using structured questionnaire on five point Likert scale. Three hundred and ninety nine questionnaires were distributed among the three roads covered in the study and were all completed and returned for the analysis. Descriptive statistics and Friedman test were used to analyze and test the hypotheses. The results show that road expansion programmes had significant effects on parking facilities on the three major roads covered in the study namely; Okigwe, Douglas and Wetheral roads on its shopping and marketing activities of Owerri city inhabitants. The expansion programmes also affected shops/market locations along the roads when tested at 5% level of significance. Accessibility to shopping centres and city markets were also affected adversely when tested at 5% significant level indicating increased travel time and access to markets. However, shopping expenditures showed significant effects on Wetheral and Douglas roads while Okigwe road showed no significant effects on shopping expenditures. The results of the analysis indicate that road expansion  programmes had negative effects on shopping attributes of city inhabitants since it restricts access and increased travel times. The study recommends among others the decentralization of urban land use among the traffic attracting centres.

Keywords: Expansion, Inhabitants, Road, shopping attributes, urban city

Design models for the Integration of Roadway transportation systems into the city’s planning (Published)

During the phase of preparation of new masterplan, urban planners have no scientific tool/criteria to calculate and to find the optimum value of road network area. The aim of this paper is to identify a calculation basis (design models), to be used during the design of new masterplans, and during the assessment of the road network in any city/town based on transportation demands (trip generation in the area).A new vision in urban planning can be represented by indicating the volume over capacity ratio (V/C), for each section of the roadway network in each LandUse, by identifying the mathematical proportionality of road surfaces, relatively to LandUse areas and population, relating these 3 factors based on the V/C ratio required, depending on trip generation rates and landUse types.These models can be identified by establishing mathematical models analogously related to the “Distribution of neurons in Mammalian Neocortex”.

Keywords: Land, Models, Road, land use

Evaluation of the Effect of Slum on Property Values in Onitsha Metropolis of Anambra State (Published)

This study evaluated the effects of slum on property values at Onitsha metropolis. The study adopted the questionnaire survey method and interview to ascertain the effects of slum on property values in Onitsha metropolis. The study found that the slum occurrence was as a result of rural migration to urban areas and lack of original planning in the area and confirm that slum was responsible for the low property value in the area.  From the foregoing, the study recommended that there is a big necessity for this area to be reorganized in order to reduce the increase of slum, good planning policies has to be formulated so as to prevent this ill occurrence, construction of drainages, infrastructures and general urban renewal should be employed in the area, thereby demolishing dilapidated structure and modernizing the old structures, roads should be tarred and alternative routes created in order to open up the area. Furthermore, it is recommended that the government should redevelop the area, by relocating the inhabitants and then building low cost houses for the inhabitants. For the property owners, a low interest or non interest credits should be provided for them in order to encourage them to renovate their properties.

Keywords: Nigeria, Onitsha, Property, Property Value, Road, slum