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A Comparative Analysis of Multi-Criteria Road Network (Published)

Travel Optimization is a method to find the best route to be followed for a journey between two points. This optimization can be based on factors one considers important while traveling. The work presented deals with the design of a multi-criteria based traffic network evaluation technique, using a variety of methods to calculate the cost of the feasible set of solutions, and then to decide which path is most desirable for a given requirement domain. Subsequently, various forms of the desired results e.g. the global depths of all the nodes in a given road network are extracted and presented; and compared by implementing the different methods of cost calculation: a weight based method and a Fuzzy Logic based mechanism. Both methods used are explained and compared through a case study to show that the aims are met in a useful way. Also among the aims of this research is to work out some way of solving the multi objective optimization problem of finding the shortest path using some optimization methods for given multiple objectives. The phenomenon of multiple criterions tells about the nature of the problem where increasing one or more objectives reduce effect of the rest of the criteria or criterions, which effectively, makes the solution more complex but comes out with better results and provides more knowledge of the problem itself.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Multi-Criteria Optimization, Pareto Optimization, Road Network Analysis, Travel Optimization