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Application of Extended Complex Plane and Riemann Sphere (Published)

In this article, description is made of the application of extended complex plane and stereographic projection is used to bijectively map points of the extended complex plane to the Riemann Sphere of a unit diameter. The relationship between the north pole of the Riemann sphere (N) and the point at infinity of the   extended complex plane is well established. The distance between the north pole (N) and a point P in the plane is derived mathematically and we stated general applications of extended complex plane. Some striking figures which aided our step-by- step explanations were also presented.  

Citation:Egahi, M.,  Agbata, B.C., Shior,  M.M., Iornumbe, S.I., Obeng-Denteh W.(2021)  Application of Extended Complex Plane and Riemann Sphere, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Studies, Vol.9, No.4, pp.39-45



Keywords: Riemann sphere, complex analysis, complex plane, infinity, stereographic projection, unit diameter