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Participation of Women Farmers in Rice Production in Bende Local Government Area, Abia State (Published)

This study examined the level of participation of women farmers in rice production in Bende L.G.A, Abia State, Nigeria. Data for the study were obtained from 90 respondents and summarized using frequency distribution, percentages and logistic regression. The respondents were young, energetic and enterprising with large household sizes and majority were married small-scaled farmers, with much experience in rice production. The farmers had access to credit and each farmer made a profit of N30,508.03. This indicates that rice production was profitable in the study area. The clustered mean (cx) of 3.687 indicates that majority of the respondents participate in rice production. Household size, access to credit, output, total cost and membership of cooperatives were significant variables influencing the participation of women farmers in rice production. Inadequate land, inadequate finance, shortage of farm inputs, low level of infrastructure and climate change were the major problems facing women in rice production. Government should provide access to improved and disease resistant varieties of rice. Women should be allowed to own land in the Nigeria society.

Keywords: Participation, Rice production, Technologies and Bende L.G.A., Women Farmers