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Selection of a Suitable Electronic Toll Collection System (Published)

In this work, the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is applied to select a most satisfactory ETC (Electronic toll collection) method. ETC is an applied science that permits the automation of tariff collections at toll parkways. The ETC technologies from which selection was done are based on DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) which includes barcode, quick response (QR) code and radio frequency identification (RFID). Each of these technologies was analyzed based on five criteria to optimize the selection process.

Keywords: AHP, Barcode, ETC, QR-Code, RFID, Technology

Implementation of Modern Garment Planning Tools & Techniques in Garment Industry of Bangladesh (Published)

In this research I have tried to focus in Garment sewing plan, proper implementation of plan & its execution by various techniques with IT solution. The best way to cope up the present manufacturing challenges in RMG sewing are the implementation of lean manufacturing,5 S,6 Sigma with effective garment manufacturing software like Fast React & Real-time data tracking and production management systems. This will serve our purpose of flexibility and save a lot of money by reducing production lead time, reducing the inventory, increasing productivity, training operators for multiple works, and by reducing rework.

Keywords: 5S, 6Sigma, Critical path of planning board, ERP, Fast React, Lean, RFID


The objective of this research was to evaluate knowledge of RFID systems in the Kenyan ICT sector. This was in tandem with my Master’s thesis titled “Enhancing RFID Application Data Security Using RSA Algorithm”. To enhance the current security measures and controls in current RFID applications I propose RSA algorithm as the best suited public cryptosystems in the currently available encryption standards. As I collected my data from the different respondents I issued my questionnaires I found varying responses across the board, some knew of RFID and RSA algorithm while others have never heard of RFID and RSA algorithm. After collection of this data i used SPSS to analyze it and the deductions I attained formed the basis of this publication. This research was focused wholly in the Kenyan ICT sector and evaluated the knowledge of RFID in sector.

Keywords: Encryption, RFID, RSA algorithm