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Chief Marketing “Analytics or Digital” Officer [CMO]: Is the “Big Data” Alone Adequate for Firm’s Customer Retention & Return on Investment (Published)

Excellence in customer experiences is a top priority for the Chief Marketing “Analytics or Digital” Officer (CMO). The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of ‘Digital Marketing Analytics’ [DMA] on firms Return on Investment (ROI) and CMO’s performance in customer retention and acquisitions. The main question addressed by the study is: should the firm CMO engage more resources with social media analytics for customer retention & acquisition. This study used the quality content analysis methodology and relied on the recent marketing research articles, case studies, and digital analytics surveys. The results of the study suggests that the innovative CMO’s that embrace DMA to win the hearts and wallets of customers can influence the broader customer journey from the offer to the post-purchase care stage for continued positive impact on the firms desirable ROI. This research study provides strategic recommendations and directions for the future research.

Keywords: Chief Marketing Officer, Customer Power & Retention, Digital Customer Loyalty, Digital Marketing Analytics, Return on Investment

Economic Analysis of Vegetable (Telfairia Occidentalis Hook F.) Production among Farming Households in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. (Published)

The study analysed the production of Telfairia occidentalis among farming households in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Data for the study were obtained from 90 vegetable farmers (Telfairia occidentalis) farmers in the area using a 2 – stage sampling procedure and analysed using descriptive statistics, multiple regression and budgeting technique. Results showed that 66.7 percent of the respondents were aged between 31 – 50 years; 72.2 percent were married; 53.3 percent had farming experience of about 9 years and 53.3 percent had household sizes of about 6 – 10 persons. The result of multiple regression showed that age, farming experience, cost of fertilizer and the cost of Telfairia occidentalis seeds were factors that affect vegetable (Telfairia occidentalis) production in the study area. The cost and returns analysis indicated that the fixed cost constituted 79.68 percent of the total cost of vegetable, while variable cost constituted 20.32 percent. On the average a farmer in the study area incurred a total cost of N30,857.74 in the production of Telfairia occidentalis and had a total revenue of N44,005.55 giving a net income of N13,147.81 per farmer. The profitability ratios RRI%, RRVC% and OR were found to be 42.6, 309.71 and 0.14 respectively, indicating that vegetable production was profitable in the area.

Keywords: Fixed cost, Fluted Pumpkin, Profitability, Return on Investment, Variable cost