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Service Quality and Brand Loyalty of Banks in Bayelsa State of Nigeria (Published)

Citation: Lyndon M. Etale and Emmanuel N. Jerry (2022) Service Quality and Brand Loyalty of Banks in Bayelsa State of Nigeria, British Journal of Marketing Studies Vol. 10, Issue 1, pp.47-63

The study was embarked upon with the aim of determining the nature of the relationship between service quality and brand loyalty of banks in Bayelsa State of Nigeria, and this was done using responsiveness and reliability as dimensions of service quality and brand advocacy as a measure of brand loyalty, bringing about two research questions and study hypotheses which was put to the test by the use of the Pearson correlation coefficient method with the aid of SPSS software. The study adopted the descriptive design and used a questionnaire as a means of gathering data from the customers of selected banks in Bayelsa State amounting to a total of 140, but a total of 130 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved and used for the analysis of data which informed the conclusion and findings of the research. The study revealed a significant relationship between both reliability and responsiveness as dimensions of service quality and brand advocacy as a measure of brand loyalty. The study therefore concluded that there is a significant relationship between the variables and thus made the following recommendations; Banks should give prompt and quick response to its customers‟ compliant by creating a simple and fast compliant handling system; Banks must let its customers feel safe and secured in any transaction; Banks should create a strong feedback system that enables them to relate effectively with customers and understand them better; Banks should fasten their service processes.

Keywords: Reliability, Responsiveness, Service Quality, brand advocacy, brand loyalty

Organizational Mindfulness and Responsiveness: A Conceptual Review (Published)

The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship between organizational mindfulness and responsiveness. The paper is designed as a conceptual paper. Its focus was on conceptualizing and identifying the relationship between organizational mindfulness and responsiveness. The paper therefore draws on the arguments and theories presented by previous studies as it affirms that organizational mindfulness is critical to the development of responsive capabilities – conceptual and instrumental responsiveness. In conclusion it was stated that the collective sense of awareness and consciousness applied in the daily functions and activities of the organization go a long way in ensuring that the organization is able to effectively respond and address the changing and growing expectations of its environment. It was thereafter recommended that organizations should on a consistent basis, assess their dispositions and the applicability of their systems and technologies within their various contexts. The applicability of such features determines their effectiveness and also impacts on their responsiveness.


Keywords: Conceptual, Organizational mindfulness, Responsiveness, Threats, instrumental, opportunities

Perceived Service Quality and Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking in Kenya (Published)

The main aim of this study is to examine the effect of service quality dimensions on customer loyalty to the providers of retail banking services. It investigates the relationship between service quality dimensions and customer loyalty. To achieve this purpose, data was collected from a sample of 384 current customers of commercial banks on the five dimensions of service delivery: tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The results indicate that all the dimensions of service quality have a positive and significant influence on customer loyalty in retail banking .This finding reinforces the need for bank managers to place an emphasis on the underlying dimensions of service quality in order to create and maintain customer loyalty

Keywords: Assurance, Customer loyalty, Empathy, Reliability, Responsiveness, Service Quality, Tangibility