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International Waterways and Dumping Of Waste in the Seas/Ocean: Effects, Responsibilities and Challenges under International Law (Published)

International waterways depict the river, canal and other ways along which boats, ship can travel across countries. Dumping of wastes in the sea/ocean connotes the act or practice of dumping something especially dangerous substances at sea/ocean. Water pollution is one thing that has become common in contemporary industrial world. The dumping of wastes by known or unknown agents has given rise to many challenges at international arena. It is discovered that most developing nations discharge their untreated effluents into drainages, water ways or the nearest stream, lake or river thereby causing marine pollution and capsizing of ship. The role of international law at this point is therefore imperative to determine the effects, responsibility and culpability. This is the precis of this paper. On international dumping by other states, the law of sea requires states to adopt laws and regulations to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment by dumping. It is also recommended that serious fines and sanctions should be imposed at international level and measures undertaken by United Nations to implement the Law/treaty to that effect.

Keywords: Dumping, Effect, International Waterways, Responsibility and International Law, Sea/Ocean, Waste.