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The Dual Nature of the Female Gender: A Modern Reflection (Published)

The female sex has over time been regarded to be ‘like a weaker vessel.’ But without serious disputation to this biblical injunction, I am bothered about the clarity of the intention of the bible and the misinterpretation of its adherent, for I tend to belief that this assertion does not really capture the intrinsic nature of the women folks, in terms of their strength and versatility and what they can offer the society.  This of course we will agree has a serious psychological effect from time immemorial on their disposition to the men folks. Dualistic as used in this paper focuses on the two sides of the woman, manifesting within the private space and that of the public space. The women over the years have been struggling with the challenges of being able to handle their private responsibilities and that of public space responsibilities. This paper, therefore, x-rays, the marriage of convenience between these dual responsibilities and tries to prove that it is achievable.

Keywords: Private Space, Public Space, Responsibilities, Weaker Vessel