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The role of mediation in resolving criminal disputes (Published)

Relying on alternative means for resolving conflicts has become an urgent necessity in our time to keep pace with the social, economic, political, cultural and technological changes that the contemporary world knows. As the judiciary, as the competent authority to adjudicate conflicts and disputes, is no longer able to address the huge number of issues before it. Hence the idea of alternative means to resolve disputes, which received special attention from various legislations, as public policy was becoming tend towards consensual solutions or restorative justice in many issues and areas as a reliable strategic option in resolving disputes. And criminal mediation is one of the newly developed methods resulted by contemporary criminal policy to contribute to treating the massive and continuous increase in the number of cases before criminal courts, and a reliable strategic option in resolving disputes of a simple nature that do not pose a threat to public order.

Keywords: Crime, Mediation, criminal policy, legislations, resolving disputes