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Housing is considered as the largest consumption and investment item of a person’s lifetime and as result housing satisfaction is a key component of their quality. Like all cities developing countries Accra is faced with a huge lack of adequate shelter for her people. This has brought in its trail the upsurge of real estate development in Accra with lack of effective controls in addressing the needs of the occupants. This has potentially resulted in several complains of substandard housing, poor planning and construction and poor management services. The objective of the research was to examine the determinants of residential satisfaction and to investigate the level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the residents in these gated communities in terms of the building features, the neighbourhood and the management practices. Qualitative and quantitative methods were used in the gathering and analysis of data from two selected locations in Accra. Structured questionnaire was used to gather the data from the residents, with the 5-point Likert scale of measurement .Stratified random sampling was used to select sample for the estates and questionnaire. Again a Habitability Index formula was used in assessing the satisfaction of residents. The study revealed that respondent’s satisfaction levels were generally high, with varied dissatisfaction levels in; water supply, neighbourhood facilities, sanitation and security. It thus recommends amongst others that: the built environment professionals should collaborate with the metropolitan authorities in exerting strict but adaptable control measures in meeting occupants needs, and regular satisfaction surveys should be carried out by Real Estate Developers and the Government to get occupants’ feedback in enhancing future developments.

Keywords: Gated Communities, Housing, Real Estate, Residential Satisfaction