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Private sector remittances and tourism development in Calabar, Cross River State. (Published)

This study examined Private Sector remittances and tourism development in Calabar, Cross River State. Data for the study was collected through participatory interviews, records from Cross River State Internal Revenue Service, Cross River State Tourism Bureau, journals and textbooks. The data generated were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as tables, charts simple percentages. It was observed that the decline in revenue remittances by private sector to government for tourism development was as a result of government policy on taxation in Calabar, Cross River State. Among recommendations made was that Government should provide a legislation to encourage the private sector organizations to do business and most importantly reduce taxes as these may hinder tourism development.

Keywords: Calabar, Cross River State, Private Sector, Remittance, Tourism Development


This paper tried to investigate the impact of foreign debt on growth in Bangladesh. The annual data series over the period 1972-2010 has been used. The study has been made by using the ARDL (Auto- Regressive Distributive Lag model) model to check the relationship of growth and debt. According findings there is a significant adverse effect of debt on growth in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh External debt service is a burden for its nation and it makes the GDP slows down. This study recommended that Bangladesh should find out any option of debt cancellation and must increase human development and more infrastructure development. It is also recommended that debt management should be effective and fair, and Exports, FDI and Remittances are helpful for the growth of Bangladesh.

Keywords: ARDL, Export, FDI, Remittance, cointegration test and unit Root, foreign debt