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Teaching Vocabulary Using Film and Video: The Development of Senior Secondary Students’ Registers (Published)

Second language development could be achieved through various teaching and learning processes; however, applying film and video technology has facilitated this process. This study aimed at examining the influence of film and video on vocabulary development of secondary school students’ language. Twenty S.S. 2 students in a city in an urban city in Nigeria form the population of this study. The participants were randomly selected into control and experimental groups. Before the experiment, a 20-item vocabulary matching test was conducted as the pre-test. After the pre-test “Power of Justice”, a Nigerian home video was shown to the experimental group. The control group on the other hand was taught using the traditional method of rote – learning the language register of Law. A post-test was conducted thereafter to examine the development in each group. Both independent and paired t-tests were carried out. The results of this study revealed that the participants in experimental outperformed those in control grouped in terms of their vocabulary development. The findings may be shared with other teachers in order to inform how film and video influence the vocabulary learning of Nigerian ESL students.

Keywords: Film, Register, Video, Vocabulary

Language and Situation: An Examination of the English Language in Nigeria (Published)

Language cannot be separated from the society. It is the unifying instrument among the members of any given society. Languages are used in situations. If the situation is not given, there is nothing the language use could be marched with. It is on this note that this paper examined language and situation with particular reference to English language in Nigeria context. Various crucial aspects of language were examined. Some English lexical items were also discussed in various situations. The paper concluded that the choice of lexical items used in communication is determined by certain factors in situational context. It was therefore recommended that every language speaker should study and understand the situation in which he/she finds himself/herself before selecting lexical items. A good knowledge of register is also expected of every speaker and writer of English. This will go a long way in assisting the speaker’s/writer’s choice of appropriate lexical items as situation demands.

Keywords: Language, Register, Situation, lexical items