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Current Challenges and the Needed Competences in the Management of University Education in Nigeria (Published)

The position of universities in the development of any nation cannot be overemphasized. Explanation lies on the fact that the bulk of specialized human resource need of the private and public sectors are usually turned out by the universities, colleges and polytechnics. Consequently, what is happening in the universities in Nigeria should be a major concern for stakeholders. The universities must be competent in the production of highly knowledgeable, skillful and morally sound individuals that can propel the nation’s economy into development especially in the face of the global trend. This expectation can only be achieved through quality teaching-learning, and research. The challenges faced by universities are enormous and if not adequately addressed, some may turn to outright crises. This paper has identified six areas of challenges facing university education in Nigeria. Again, four management competency variables were examined and advocated as imperative to address these challenges. The study recommends that government and university management should reaffirm their commitment to university education in Nigeria through meaningful policies aimed at refocusing, re-engineering and re-dynamizing university education in the country.

Keywords: Certificate Racketeering, Deregulation of Education, Re-Dynamizing, Re-Engineering, Refocusing