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Application of Marketing Mix in Re-Positioning Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria (Published)

Marking performs the role of bridging gaps between producers of goods and services and potential consumer. Marketing information serves as great instrument in repositioning organization’s operations. The paper examines the application of marketing mix in the repositioning of Adult and Non-formal Education to meet the global trend of sustainability. The paper presents the marketing mix (price, product, promotion and place) as the wheels upon which Adult and Non-formal Education could ride to greater height. The paper also highlighted the importance of Adult and Non-formal Education in nation building and maintains that these potentials are not fully taped because of the way the public, students, practitioners and the government perceives Adult and Non-formal Education. The paper concludes that given adequate involvement of government at all levels to Adult and Non-formal Education and the adoption of the marketing strategies presented in this paper, the dream of making Adult and Non-formal Education relevant will be achieved.

Keywords: Adult Education’ Application, Marketing Mix, Re-positioning

Techniques for Re-Positioning Small and Medium Scale Business Enterprises in Nigeria for Economy Revitalization (Published)

This paper highlighted techniques for re-positioning small and medium scale business enterprises in Nigeria for economy revitalization. Small and medium business enterprises are the engine of growth and development of a nation. SMEs contribute to industrial development; promote growth, technological acquisition and reduction of unemployment. The paper also highlights techniques for re-positioning Small and Medium Scale business enterprises in Nigeria for economy revitalization. Financial problems, inadequate basic infrastructure, socio-cultural problems, planning problems, location/economic problems, poor accounting system:  multiple taxation and unstable policy environment are the major problems militating against the success of SMEs. It was recommended among others that there should be a practical effort in encouraging SMEs to access long-term, low rate funds from the capital market. Incentives should be given in the form of tax holidays and awards to SMEs that excel in using the capital market as an avenue of external funding and the government should continue to make SMEs a central focus of industrial policy in order to achieve economic growth and development. The monetary and fiscal policies should be made to incorporate good framework that would enhance the activities of SMEs towards development and sustenance.

Keywords: Challenges, Economy, Enterprise, Re-positioning, Small and Medium, Strategies.