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An Improved Land Mapping and Geographical Information Management System Using Geodatabase (Published)

With data constantly increasing at a tremendous speed, it is crucial to have better knowledge of how information is manipulated and stored for subsequent retrieval and use. The data storage geodatabase strategy is introduced as dependable alternative based on acknowledged relational database concepts, which form foundation of selected database handling system. Simple but well-defined tables composed of distinctive features selected to store and handle spatial data and rule-base for every topographical dataset. In this paper, we developed an improved land mapping and Geographical Information System (GIS) using geodatabase. The study provides an enhanced approach to storing and managing data using a geodatabase, contributing to further research into alternative way of handling big data. Development of a web application that interacts with geodatabase for big data storage without the need of running multiple servers or enterprise class software. Thus this research is useful for those who have need for efficient data storage and management in today’s world of data size and complexities. By storing data within a geodatabase, one can draw from the benefits that come with its data management capabilities to leverage spatial information.

Keywords: Big Data, Geodatabase, NoSQL, ORDBMS, PostgreSQL, RDBMS, SQL

Designing and Implementing Of Electronic Health Record System in KSA Using SQL & ASP.NET (Published)

Electronic health record (EHR) rapid progress for reporting electronic data storage that employs uniform data standards will enable health care organizations to respond more quickly to federal state, and private reporting requirements, including those that support patient safety and disease surveillance. An examination of many hospitals that recently implemented in King Saudi Arabia (KSA). A little of electronic health record (EHR) system finds that clinical and administrative leaders built EHR adoption into their strategic plans to integrate, inpatient and outpatient care system and a provide continuum of coordinated services. Using Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) with eXtend Marker Language (XML) Systems and ASP.NET as web based system. Successful implementation depended on: strong leadership, full involvement of clinical staff in design and implementation, mandatory staff training, and strict adherence to timeline and budget. The EHR systems facilitate patient safety and quality development through; use of checklists, alerts, and predictive tools embedded clinical guidelines that promote standardized, evidence-based practices electronic prescribing and test-ordering that reduces errors and redundancy and discrete data fields that foster use of performance dashboards and compliance reports. The proposed system will be developed using ASP.NET as a technology of web based system. In this paper; most of the services, enjoyed on the internet are provided by web database applications and using .net technology. Such as, Web-based email, online shopping, forums and bulletin boards, corporate web sites, and sports and news portals are all database-driven. The main goals in this work, building a modern web site of electronic health record system in KSA hospitals.