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Postcolonial Feminism’s Reinscription of Diasporic Female Identity (Published)

The current article studies a fictional South Asian female character in diasporic space by arguing that it is vital to consider her racial, cultural and historical orientation to understand the struggle in carving an identity in the host culture. Postcolonial feminist theory forms the background of this work. The locus of the main argument of this article is how Rakhi, the main character of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s novel Queen of Dreams, dealing with her inner conflict between tradition and culture, develops as a South Asian American in the mainstream US society. Understanding herself as a postcolonial subject enables her to assimilate the fractured parts of her being towards the end of the novel.

Keywords: Identity, Postcolonial feminism, Racial, cultural and historical differences

Issues of Cultural, Political and Racial Identity of Women in Rich’s Poetry: A Socio-Feministic Analysis (Published)

This paper aims to analyze the socio-feministic picture of a poet who has distinguished place in American literature for her contribution in the field of feminism. The feminist struggle against patriarchal set up has been found in Rich’s poetry with reference to the selected poems. In these poems women are not constantly under men’s power and supremacy; they want to struggle for their rights and make an improved life even when there is no man. Women revolt and escape as they are being oppressed and burdened by male oriented society. She is different from other American poets like Plath whose poetry revolves round her. This paper will helpful in understanding the background of her poems.

Keywords: Cultural, Feminism, Issues, Political, Racial, Rich, Social