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Analysis the Rate of Satisfaction of Quality Of Life and Its Role in Development of Urban Areas (Published)

Quality of life is one of the most important issues facing the world today and of social policy development is the basic topics that issues such as welfare, promote Quality of life, health and basic needs, growing and unsatisfactory life, altruism and selflessness in the midst of the in human include. Accordingly, this research will study the evaluation of satisfaction of quality of life and its role in development in the city of Rask (Located in Sistan and Baluchestan province). The type of research is applicative and its method is descriptive-analytic based on completing the questionnaires. The Statistical population is all the residents of the city of Rask and the sample community is 295 of heads of households living in thirteen districts in city of Rask. Random sampling method is used and the size of sample is computed by using Cochran method. The data is processed and analyzed based on statistical methods of SPSS software. The results showed a high positive and statistically significant relationship between the satisfactions of quality of life and urban development. This means the situation of urban development is significantly effective in increasing satisfaction of quality of life.

Keywords: City of Rask, Quality of urban life, Satisfaction, Urban Development