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The Factors Affect Business Risk Audit and Their Impact on the External Auditing Quality in Jordanian Commercial Banks (Case Study) (Published)

This study aims to identify the factors that affecting the business risk audit strategy, and whether such factors will also have an impact on audit quality. Is the audit quality independent of the business risk audit strategy? To answer the research questions, the researchers designed questionnaire which was distributed to the sample of the study. The population consisted of 4 audit firms elected to audit and issue financial statements for Jordanian commercial banks. Purposive sample (75%) of the study society was selected. A set of statistical appropriate methods where used through SPSS program. The study found that there is high level of application for audit based on business risk (BRA) in the Jordanian commercial banks. In addition, there is high impact for the clarity of the concept of business risk audit on the quality of the external audit in the Jordanian commercial banks. Additional implications and future recommendations were argued.

Keywords: Audit strategy, Business risks, Jordanian commercial banks., Quality of the external audit