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Segmentation Approach to Develop the Use of E-Government Service Ontologies in Iraq Case Study (Published)

We can recognize e- government as an important mean to develop the government’s performance to be more sufficient and active, e-government lead to increment straight forwardness and adequacy in the state association, and in like manner the assignment of e-government is a system of advance that will develop the areas of occupants and agents to appreciate the new economy in view of knowledge and modern technology, applications, and also provides the possibility of citizens and civil society involvement in policy discussions of through coordinate exchange, and to bolster basic leadership, arrangement plan is seen a large portion of the nationals and their needs. There is still a real need to projects that serve all sectors and state institutions efficiently, still most institutions want to use solutions and applications to help in the work and service delivery management, but typically face a range of problems, including designs and studies, infrastructure for the project, licenses installation and operation, implementation and localization, training and support, maintenance and perpetuation and development and enlargement. This paper proposed framework to solve the previous problem of E-government in Iraq.

Keywords: Composite Web Services, E-government, Quality of Service, Saas Service.

Optimizing Global System for Mobile Communication Network Design via Minimum Spanning Tree (Published)

This paper explores the technique of minimum spanning tree (MST) to optimize the design of Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication network. The coverage area is Yola North and Yola South Local Government Areas in Adamawa State, Nigeria. The estimated subscriber capacity is 200,000. Area view from satellite images in space using Google earth and Arc GIS software provided part of the site survey data. Base Station (BS) selection was based on population density of any given area. Follow-up physical visit to selected locations was undertaken to augment the information from Google earth and Arc Map. The coverage of each site and the corresponding antenna height were determined from the survey data. The technique of MST was deployed in the analysis of the site survey data. The outcome showed a reduction from 80 possible network links to only 28 links. The MST outcome also provided alternative links that could guarantee service during critical repair works.

Keywords: Global System for Mobile Communication, Minimum Spanning Tree, Network, Quality of Service


The construction permit service by the One Stop Service Unit in the Administrative City of the Central Jakarta has not been satisfied. It was also evaluated by independent institution, such as International Finance Corporation (IFC) financed by the World Bank. This condition created an unprofessional manner of the officers. This research was conducted to get a detailed analysis of the employees professionalism, the construction permit quality of service, and the influence of employee professionalism towards the quality of service on construction permit at the One Stop Service Unit in the Administrative City of Central Jakarta at the Province of Jakarta.The unit of analysis in this research was the officers at the One Stop Service Unit at the Central Jakarta, consists of the front desk and back desk officers. The Officers Professionalism were assessed on five dimensions: innovative and creative, self-supporting work, work consistency, work and career commitment. The samples of this research were 190 peoples who received construction permit services from eight sub-districts in Central Jakarta. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to examine the hypothesis of the research, and the questionnaire was in a Semantic Differential form.The result of the research were: (1) the level of Officers Professionalism assessed by four dimensions was low; (2) the Construction Permit Service reflected by five dimensions was not satisfied; (3) there was significant influence between the Officers Professionalism towards the Quality of Service of the construction permit at the One Stop Service Unit in the Administrative City of the Central Jakarta.

Keywords: One Stop Service Unit, Quality of Service, professionalism