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Effect of Recruitment Policies on Quality of Health Services in Public Hospitals of Najran: Staff Perspective (Applied Study: 2013-2018) (Published)

The present study investigates the effect of recruitment policies on quality of health services (i.e. reliability, responsiveness, tangibility, assurance, and empathy) in public hospitals in Saudi Arabia over five years from 2013. It was applied to the hospitals of Najran region, namely King Khalid Hospital, Maternity and Children’s Hospital, Al Chorfa General Hospital, Yadma General Hospital, Thr General Hospital, Hbuna General Hospital, and Sharourah General Hospital. The study adopted the analytical descriptive approach and applied a questionnaire to (212) staff members. It concluded that the hospital lacks an administrative unit to screen the candidates for administrative positions and lacks the effectiveness of notifying the patients with the date of offering the health services. Additionally, the hospital slowly responds to the patients’ enquires and complaints and does not comply with offering health services in a timely manner. The study recommended establishing an administrative unit to screen the candidates for administrative positions, reviewing the response mechanism to enquire and complaints, as well as committing to offering health services on time.

Keywords: Public Hospitals, Quality of health services, Recruitment, Selection