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The Role of Procurement in Quality Management of Ghana Cocobod, Ghana. (Published)

In the era of global competitive market, quality output forms the bedrock for survival in this hectic business environment. Organizations therefore spend a lot of time and money to meet quality standard, the role of procurement in quality management is paramount and cannot be over emphasized. As a prime objective therefore quality management in this article attempts to undertake a systematic examination of the extent to which an entity as in this case Ghana Cocoa Board is capable of fulfilling specified quality requirement. In spite of the fact that the Ghana Cocoa Board have some ways of handling the issue of quality, customers keep on complaining about the defect of the products which sometimes lead to rejection of the cocoa beans. Some institutions assigned to maintain standards have complained about proliferation of low quality goods and services especially in the public sectors. In effect the objective was to examine and unravel how effective qualitative analytic techniques can help to obtain best value for money as well as access the impact of purchasing in developing a quality management system in the cocoa industry, ultimately geared towards the customer’s satisfaction.  In addition, it provide specific recommendation to Ghana Cocoa Board to  take a critical look at issues pertaining to total quality by drawing up a quality policy and manual. The call for strict adherence to rules and regulations in public procurement cannot be over emphasized, the famous 6 Rs definition of public procurement places the demand squarely on the shoulders of all concerned to ensure that goods, works & services are acquired- at the Right Price, Right Quantity, Right Quality, Right Place, Right Time and from the Right Source-during the procurement process. Conducting monitoring and evaluation in public procurement holds enormous benefits. It provides an avenue for constant feedback, easy identification of potential challenges, opportunity to incorporate innovation and track progress.(ppaghana.org, 2013. So we designed this article to unravel the state of affairs and pin point the valuable role the procurement function can play in curbing the situation through quality management function being run on acceptable procedures and practices and to suggest procedures acceptable to the procurement professionals as contained in the Public Procurement Act, 663, of 2003 in Ghana.

Keywords: Ghana, Ghana cocoa board, Quality Management, role of procurement

Relationship between Total Quality Management Practices and Profitability: Case of Small Hotel Sector London (UK) (Published)

The rise of competition has inclined various small-scale businesses to incorporate a robust strategy in order to increase profitability. Therefore, in the contemporary enterprise sector, exceptional importance has been given to the concept of Total Quality Management by both local and multinational organisations, considering the associated benefits of continuous improvement, increased efficiency, and the overall efficacy of the organisation. Thus, the main aim of this study is to assess the impact of TQM implementation into small scale hotels in terms of financial growth (profitability); and to develop a comprehensive and feasible quality framework for managers to adopt the best TQM practices that enhance profitability through quality improvement and to achieve expected results. The researcher has applied quantitative method by recruiting 141 participants (managerial level) to achieve the overall aim and objectives of this study, Therefore, survey questionnaires by using Likert scale has been conducted leading towards descriptive, correlation and chi-square analysis of the data collected. The results showed that various TQM practices have positive impact on the profitability of small hotels, such as continuous improvement, quality improvement, role of top management, training and education, employee empowerment and technological innovation, Finally, this research makes an original contribution in the academic and practical field as it enhances the knowledge of TQM among the managers and quality practitioners. Besides presenting some recommendations for small hotels, the study also puts some suggestions for future research in this area with limitations.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Performance, Profitability, Quality Management, Total Quality Management, competitors, critical success factors., small hotels

Implementing Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education in Five European Countries (Published)

The national Quality Assurance Agencies of most European countries have developed accreditation criteria considering the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG, 2015). The paper reports the findings of a comparative study of the national accreditation criteria for programme evaluation which are in use in five European countries, namely Greece, Denmark, Austria, Britain and Ireland. The official published documents available on the Agencies’ websites were reviewed and analyzed. The paper presents and discusses the variation of the criteria additions and omissions from the ESG model for each individual case. The reported comparisons show that a ‘general model’ is followed since the agencies of the five countries operate in substantial compliance with the ESG. However, each country places emphasis on different criteria.  

Keywords: European Standards and Guidelines, Higher Education, Quality Assurance, Quality Management, accreditation criteria, national systems